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Unveiling the New Fragrances - Fik and Gleti

We proudly launched our latest luxury his and hers fragrance duo, Fik and Gleti. The exclusive cocktail launch event took place in Ghana at the upscale Tribeca restaurant, known for its Hawaiian influences. This new duo is the fourth pair to emerge from the famed Eternal Legends Collection, inspired by African mythology. Like its predecessors, Fik and Gleti were developed by international perfumers and produced in Ghana. It features indigenous ingredients from across Africa and is encapsulated in the extraordinary, award-winning bottle design.

Under the stars in the exceptional outdoor space, the event welcomed VIP clients, celebrities, influencers, and brand enthusiasts. Key highlights included the exciting official reveal of the fragrance duo along with its advertisement campaign, both at the event and simultaneously on the brand's digital platforms. The event also featured other perfumes from the collection—Rakh & Nefee; Hagé & Laïka; and Bézi & Bellua —which have made waves across the world. Guests were particularly drawn into the world of Fik and Gleti, learning about their unique stories and indulging in their distinctive olfactory creations.

Fik pays tribute to the Efik people of Nigeria, drawing inspiration from Abassi, the god of the sky. This fragrance embodies elegance and charisma, crafted for the man who effortlessly attracts and unites others with his charm.

Fik combines the emblematic aromatic freshness of rosemary and myrtle from Tunisia with the spiciness of ginger essence from Nigeria. The masculine florality of Egyptian geranium is made sensual by fir balsam, creating a captivating, masculine trail.  Perfumer Nelly Hachem-Ruiz describes the magnetic woody fragrance as "a vibrant and mysterious twilight where the triumph of wild nature prevails."

Gleti is inspired by the moon goddess of the Fon people from the Dahomey kingdom. This fragrance embodies femininity, captivating all with her radiant beauty and empowering presence, designed for the woman who naturally stands out and influences those around her with grace and elegance.

Gleti encompasses a juicy and faceted pear, which is wrapped in the petals of a bouquet of white flowers. The Tunisian Neroli returns the ball to the Egyptian Jasmine for a beautiful ballet of feminity. Ylang of Madagascar and Egyptian Cassie crowns it all with a solar and luminous scent. The association of comfy musks with contrasted woods comes to give the character. Perfumer Julien Rasquinet describes Gleti as "an olfactory jewel, made of noble materials for undisputed nocturnal elegance."

Tanal Ghandour, Founder of Scent of Africa said "We celebrate our growth with the launch of Fik and Gleti, our newest fragrances in the Eternal Legends Collection. We are proud of our achievements and the international acclaim Scent of Africa is receiving. As we continue this journey, our vision is to showcase African artistry to the world with each step. Thank you to our team, partners, and supporters." The trailblazing Eternal Legends Collection has enjoyed significant success, contributing to the global fragrance industry through African innovation and artistry. Discover these fragrances as they rise from Africa and spread their essence across the continent and the world.

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