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Africa, where it all begins ...

Africa is much more than a continent; it is a world. It is unique and diverse as much as it is one Africa. Endeavoring to encapsulate its essence, its soul, is an incredible project that only passionate people would embark on.

A long time ago the SCENT OF AFRICA founder fell in love with Africa and made it his home. He pays tribute to the magnificent continent today through a collection of fragrances that carry the identity, resonance, and signature of Africa which have become close to his heart.

SCENT OF AFRICA brought together a community of talented and recognized artists,  designers, and perfumers who come from, live on or are friends of the continent. It draws its dream from the roots of its earth, the source of its rivers, the horizon of its savannah and its starry skies.

The incredible Nature that forms exceptional landscapes and its free-spirited energy, makes up the raw material of each perfume in the collection.

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“Our perfumes’ ingredients

are grown here in Africa!”

SCENT OF AFRICA perfumes showcase the precious resources grown and processed into essential oils or absolutes in Africa. Just a few drops of these amazing ingredients, some of which have been used since the origins of perfumery, take us on a long, faraway journey. The quintessence of the earth that nourished them unfurls in their trail.


Native ingredients from North to South, East to West, have been harvested to infuse an element of African soul into the perfumes.

Buchu from South Africa, Cedar from Morocco, Clove from Madagascar, Incense from Somalia, Orange blossom from North Africa, Geranium from Egypt, Ginger from Madagascar, Jasmine from Egypt, Myrrh from Ethiopia, Black pepper from Madagascar,
Vanilla from Madagascar, Ylang Ylang from Madagascar...


“Scent of Africa is a tribute that I wanted to make to Africa and its people”.

           Tanal Ghandour, Founder of Scent of Africa.              

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Olivier Pescheux
Master perfumer 


“Rakh plays on the contrast of warm and cold spices”.

Nathalie Cetto



“The idea behind this perfume was to create something as light as a feather, I pictured the wings of this angel-woman from the start”.

Delphine Lebeau


I wanted to create a narcotic, golden and solar flower for Nefee, which would be preceded by an explosive and radiant aspect”.

Jacques Huclier



“This perfume’s unique signature uses the African continent’s trio of emblematic materials as a base : black pepper from Madagascar, geranium from Egypt and incense from Somalia”.

Jordi Fernandez
Master perfumer 


“For this perfume, I used the most beautiful materials in my palette. They meld together in a perfume released for a long time, pervading space”.

Nelly Hachem-Ruiz



“This perfume played the card of sensuality in the floral addiction of frangipani.”.

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Scent of Africa is the first Fine Fragrance House made in Ghana, using African ingredients to shine a spotlight on Ghanaian ingenuity around the world.


Scent of Africa pays tribute to African culture by drawing inspiration from legends in African mythology for its perfumes and giving tradition a contemporary interpretation. Make Africa shine, along with the women and men who embody its beauty, and its host of riches is what the brand aims to achieve.


 Scent of Africa was launched in 2016 and is now reinvented with a luxurious interpretation of African identity through the “Eternal Legends” collection. It includes six brand-new made-in-Africa fragrances signed by internationally renowned perfumers.

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