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Scent of Africa launches Chapter 2 of its “Eternal Legends” Collection.

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Scent of Africa, a Fine Fragrance House, established by Ghandour Cosmetics Ltd., has released its second new luxury fragrance duo, Hagé (for men) and Laïka (for women), in an exclusive media event. This second out of three His and Hers fragrance duos launched this year continues in the tradition of the Eternal Legends Collection, drawing inspiration from legends in African mythology, resources such as the Company’s production hub in Accra, indigenous ingredients from across the continent, and its extraordinary, patented bottle design.

Scent of Africa launches Chapter 2 of its Eternal Legends Collection. Laïka  Hagé

The much-anticipated event MCed by The Stylish KOD, brought together media, influencers, bloggers, retailers, and the Scent of Africa team, in an interpretation of African identity, luxury, and modernity. The Event held at NsuomNam (Meat of the Sea), the most innovative pan-African seafood restaurant with their carefully curated menu by internationally celebrated Chef Mick Élysée, located in the heart of Accra, was vibrant and colourful filled with the avant-garde millennial energy that the fragrance embodies. It also featured cocktails that incorporated some ingredients used in the making of the fragrance and live band music from the iconic artiste Efya.

Efya Performs at the launch of Hagé and Laïka by Scent of Africa
Efya Performs at the launch of Hagé and Laïka by Scent of Africa

Hagé is a leathery scent created by renowned Perfumer Jordi Fernandez, evocative of its inspiration of Agé, the god of hunting, wild animals, and wide-open spaces revered by the Fon, also called Dahomey people found in Benin, Nigeria, and Togo. The key ingredients of the fragrance include Armoise and Cedarwood from Morocco and Geranium from Egypt. The fragrance’s personality is of a man with heightened senses and intuition who never lets go of his prey, a goal, or conquest. Hagé is worn like a sensory and sensual superpower leaving an irresistible, lasting trail.

Scent of Africa perfume in a black luxury bottle  for men Hagé . Leathery fragrance . Leather, Vanilla, Cloves, Black Pepper.

Laïka is a floral fruity fragrance signed by international Perfumer Nathalie Cetto. The famous Swahili love song, Malaïka, lends the fragrance its theme. This feminine muse is as inspirational as an angel, adored and celebrated. She is an embodiment of pure light whose loving nature wins people over and garners respect through her wisdom. The sensory elements of Buchu from South Africa, Pomegranate, a bouquet of Roses and Orange Blossom from Morocco and Tunisia and Vanilla from Madagascar allow fluidity and contrast between softness and energy. This perfume will surround its wearer from her crown like a halo and spread around her body like wings.

Scent of Africa luxury perform Laïka - fruity floral oriental fragrance. Angelic scent Laïka . Roses, Pomegranate, Orange.

The new duo takes centre stage and glows from the light its predecessor shone. Ripples from the successful Chapter 1 release of the first duo, the woody, spicy scent of Rakh “The Winner” and the rich, fruity floral bouquet of Nefee “The Queen” signed by Master Perfumer Olivier Pescheux and Perfumer Delphine Lebeau respectively is still being felt. Ceremoniously launched on 6th March 2022, the duo was recognized in September 2022 with a bronze trophy in the “Perfumes and Fragrances” category at the #Pentawards2022 - the world’s leading and most prestigious packaging design competition hosted in London this year. Subsequently, in October 2022, Scent of Africa exhibited at the Tax-Free World Association (TFWA) World Conference and Exhibition 2022 in Cannes, France, introducing the duo to the duty-free and travel retail world. As the page turns on Chapter 1, it sets a riveting tone for the story to climax in Chapter 2. The third and last Chapter 3 in the collection is expected to be released in 2023.

Tanal Ghandour, Founder of Scent of Africa, said, “Scent of Africa celebrates the unity and diversity of the African continent while contributing to dispersing its beautiful culture throughout the world by showcasing the creativity and prowess of its people through high perfumery. Importantly, it also responds to the demand for personalization in an increasingly inclusive world where Beauty evolves by offering a brand infused with the soul and olfactory jewels of the African continent, made in Ghana for the world.”

Tanal Ghandour, Founder of Scent of Africa, unveiled the new fragrance duo at the launch
Tanal Ghandour, Founder of Scent of Africa, unveiled the new fragrance duo at the launch

As Africa’s culture advances in fashion, art, culinary, and entertainment industries, Scent of Africa contributes to this trend by distinguishing itself in the fine fragrance market with its unique purpose and messaging. As the fragrance blazes the trail of high perfumery, we see it already resonate with people of African descent and patrons of luxury perfumes worldwide looking for something phenomenal.

The Eternal Legends Eaux de Parfum Collection comes in 50ml and 10ml sizes. They can be found in luxury retail perfume shops in Ghana, such as Paris 2, Zino, Galaxxxy Perfumery, Aurora, and Dufry in Ghana’s Kotoka International Airport. To connect with the brand on digital platforms, visit its website and on social media (Instagram, Facebook & YouTube) via the handle @scentofafrica to learn about these fragrances rising out of Africa and diffusing across the continent and beyond.

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