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The road to a new fragrance for SCENT OF AFRICA

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The Private Fragrance Testing experience

Scent of Africa is the luxury product line of Ghandour Cosmetics, created to celebrate the most iconic of all continents. In 2016, the launch of the first Scent of Africa perfumes caused a wave of inspiration and admiration and appeared a big success. Now the brand is developing its new exquisite and exclusive fragrances that are to be revealed in 2021.

The process of creating a new fragrance that is equally loyal to its roots as it is classic and exhilarating is extremely challenging and there are many steps involved in this process. One major aspect is to perceive the opinion and the preferences of the future users. For that purpose, Scent of Africa organised a private fragrance testing experience. Glitz Africa had the honour to be present at the high-profile event.

The private fragrance testing experience took place in July 2020 at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra. The event attracted over 70 lifestyle influencers and celebrities as Vanessa Bannerman, Aisha Ayensu, Elikem Kumordzie, Renee Q Boateng, Gilbert Asante, Ramona McDermott and many others.

The selection of high-profile testers demonstrates the brand’s desire to be eclectic and ambitious in the creation of its perfumes.

The guests were divided into 12 groups, where each of the participants performed an olfactory blind test and then noted down their opinion.

Surely COVID-19 protocols were strictly observed but that did not take away the pleasure of the experience; the participants got to wander through emotions, memories and beautiful places as they were exposed to the mind-blowing scents of the showcased scents.

The luxury brand aims to catch the essence of Africa in its perfumes and soon we will know if it has been achieved. We can’t wait to discover the new perfume and the cutting-edge packaging. Scent of Africa has assured us they are working hard behind the scenes so we patiently wait until late 2021 for the next revelation of this exciting brand story.

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