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Tanal Ghandour

Founder of Scent of Africa

“Scent of Africa is a tribute that I wanted to make to Africa and its people”.

Tanal Ghandour has lived in Africa for over thirty-five years and founded SCENT OF AFRICA in 2016. He is keen to shine a spotlight on the continent through luxury products with unquestionable elegance by bestowing a new aura on the brand.  To achieve this, he assembled a carefully chosen creative team that exhibits undeniable passion, talent, and expertise.


Tanal Ghandour is passionate about giving Africa its due. This “world-continent” is a generous host to people from all walks of life, who find and make it their home away from home. It is abundant with 54 different countries and even more cultures, yet it has been able to create unity in its diversity. This awareness is symbolised in the shape of the continent, by its contours. “You will not find such a feeling of belonging anywhere else on the planet, it could almost be considered a feeling of love”, he explains.


This is the identity Tanal Ghandour wanted to interpret as perfume. Precious perfumes made in Ghana set an example and embrace a state of mind, confirming to the world how magnificent Africa and its people are. “There’s a freedom in  Africa that I wanted to capture, but also its burgeoning. The future is here, the wind is turning in the continent’s favour and taking it skywards”, says the man whose favourite season is when the weather changes and the Harmattan blows, carrying with it warmer and more suave scents.“ I have always liked perfume development, from design to market launch. I like to see the effect perfumes have on people”.


For this new chapter in the SCENT OF AFRICA brand story, and to prove himself worthy of the dream he honed, Tanal Ghandour bestowed the creative reinterpretation upon great artists and artisans. The result was the birth of a collection that honours the uniqueness of both men and women, for whom these perfumes were intended. Fragrances as a testimony to eternal recognition.

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