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The Campaign

who i am
is where i am from

William Shakespeare famously wrote:

This above all: To thine own self be true

A beautifully phrased message that invokes ideas
with positive connotations: truth, self-ownership, individuality.

Who I am is Where I am from

echoes the same message of remaining true to ourselves,
even when we have achieved success at an international level
we always remember that

where we come from represents who we are,

a principle that should not be taken for granted.

The Fragrance

fragance woman
man woman
for woman
woman scent of africa

An elegant, vibrant scent with almond and coconut top notes
to grab your attention

A classic Feminine heart of jasmine, ylang ylang and heliotrope combined
with the effortless sensual african scents of Malagasi Vanilla and musk.


The coconut notes come from southern Ghana and provides a light earthy scent of coconut


The heady scent of jasmine is from Southern Africa


The ylang ylang, vanilla and musk notes are from Madagascar

Discover Scent of Africa for Man
for man
man scent of africa

A seductive masculine scent with citrus top notes
that are refreshing, invigorating and energizing.

The more lingering heart notes contain the intoxicating aroma of crushed petals
of the geranium flower combined with a seductive cocoa chocolate heaven.

Underlying this are the incense base notes
earthy, smoky, warm and woody.


The intense vibrations of African spices with South African Pink Pepper and Madagascan clove, in an ultra elegant masculine structure.

man ingredients1

A hint of Madagascan Geranium is associated for a powerful seduction trail.

man ingredients2 new

Cocoa notes are brought in from the Ivory Coast. where else would we source this than from the world’s largest producer of cocoa.

man ingredients 3

Sandalwood incense from West Africa has been used for centuries for skin care. it produces a calming and soothing woody based aroma with a sweet fresh edge. This masculine scent is also known to be a great aphrodisiac.

man ingredients 4
Discover Scent of Africa for Woman

Inspired By Africa

a homage to africa

The Scent of Africa brand was created
to celebrate the most iconic of all continents.

It is a beacon of a new future,
its heart beats with excitement and honour.
Scent of Africa celebrates success.

This inspired the creation for the ideal packaging
to house the distilled essence.
The packaging that is AFRICA.

This is the time for Africa, our Africa has arrived,

scent of africa

the name

Without a moment of hesitation, Ghandour Cosmetics immediately knew
that Scent of Africa is not just a label, but a feeling.
There could have not been a more suitable name for the perfumes.

Whether said as a bold exclamation or as a whispered purr,
proudly saying “Scent of Africa” reveals your zest
for living in the moment, for building a new destiny
and for proclaiming a deep love for the African continent
and its people. This passion is unlike any other.


The packaging

Africa’s instantly recognisable and iconic shape is created
through geometric lines with a classic yet modern richness.
Scent of Africa, boldly and unapologetically, marks
out a symbol of pride and strength depicting the future
of a continent brimming with possibilities.

The Gold colour of Scent of Africa for Woman, illustrates
the magnetism of today’s African woman
while the Silver colour of Scent of Africa for Man,
represents the modern African gentleman.

Scent of africa talents
him new

Marcel Desailly

In a continent that loves football who would be a better representative for Scent of Africa for Man, than the strong masculine figure of footballer Marcel Desailly, also known as “The Rock”.

A leader on and off the field, he now combines his love of sport with his business acumen and has opened a world class sports training facility. 

His strenght, style and class combine with his unique, world-class footballing talent making him the perfect Ambassador for the brand. 


Oluchi Orlandi

Oluchi epitomizes the modern African woman.

Not only is she smart, hardworking and focused on her career but she is also compassionate, caring and keen to assist those less fortunate than herself.

She has not forgotten her own humble beginnings in Lagos, despite her meteoric rise to stardom as a model and TV personality amongst other things.

Drop dead gorgeous, her poise and elegance are irresistible and she draws attention wherever she goes.


Making Of

Behind the scenes
him 2

The making-of

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Behind the scenes

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"I think
i reflect a lot of
african beauty.

I am african and
i am beautiful

-Oluchi Orlandi

her him

The music

What better music to accompany
the advertising campaign
than this evocative sound
that not only provokes multiple emotions
but almost talks to its audience.

Dance to a different beat.


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